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We are a group of 4th year Industrial Design students from Carleton University on a mission to use design to help the Long Term Care and Hospitality & Tourism industries adapt to a world post COVID-19. Take a look through our projects and we hope you learn something new and are inspired!

Project Phases

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Current State & Opportunity Definition

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Concept Direction & Planning

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Communicating the Design

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Design Experimentation

Our Projects

Long Term Care - An Pham

Isolation and loneliness have been amplified for residents of long term care (LTC) since the pandemic. To keep them safe, homes have paused visitation however its been nearly a year and the situation has not gotten better. Being kept away from loved one and having minimal contact with other people has led to suffering for LTC residents. Family and visitors were crucial to improving residents’ quality of life and they offered a lot of emotional support. Without this support, there has been a huge toll on the residents and staff of LTC (Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, 2020).


For this project, I will be focusing on facilitating social interactions between the residents and their loved ones in a safe manner that will respect COVID-19 guidelines. The objective is to support visitation in LTC facilities that is safe and enjoyable. The design should be adaptable to work during and after COVID-19.


Housekeeping - Eric Pond

The hotel industry has taken a large hit over the course of the pandemic.  This is due in part to the fact that people may not be allowed to travel, and if they can, may feel unsafe staying in a space open to the public such as a hotel.  This report will cover my phase two research process which was directed towards creating an improved customer experience within a hotel setting.  The report prior to this was aimed more at the hospitality industry as a whole, including activities such as glamping and camping.  Through my research since then, I have been able to significantly narrow my scope.  As a result of this, this report focuses on my process getting to my area of interest which involves the redesign of supply transportation for housekeepers within hotels.


Take-out Dining - Iain Brooksbank

The COVID 19 pandemic has had far reaching negative effects throughout the hospitality industry, with restaurants closing across the country due to increasing debt and loss of revenue. Customers lack confidence to go back to eating at restaurants.To supplement lost income, many restaurants have increased take-out services in response to a vastly increased customer base, as people are stuck at home for every meal. Takeout needs are also changing among consumers, as the "quick-and-dirty" standard takeout experience does not fit into celebrations or family dinners.


Customer Dine-in Experience - Gabriella Schnarr

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have greatly deterred customers from visiting dine-in restaurants and because of this, the restaurant industry is suffering. Design solutions focused on increasing customer confidence and trust are necessary to encourage customers to return to eating-in at restaurants. The restaurant industry needs to communicate better with customers and provide a greater degree of transparency. Flexible configurations are imperative as government regulations and customer comfort levels change, floor plans must change too. Creative zoning solutions can help promote customer confidence through clear communication and giving customers a feeling of being in their own personal bubble. Restaurants need to be redesigned to suit the new reality.


Image by Alessandro Capuzzi
Sports Fan Experience - Senafa Noudehou

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken every institution across the globe to their cores, including the sports industry. While some arenas have limited capacities some teams like the Toronto Raptors won't be playing in their home arena at all. The game could not feel more distant than it does this year.


Players moving forward want to continue to play their sports safely and that necessity is present. While on the other hand fans want an improved experience when attending games, bars, or watching from home. Fans are looking for innovative ideas to bring them closer to the sports they hold most dear.